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TRI-EDRE is a Software Publisher. We create, develop, localize, publish and distribute software and utilities for Macintosh.

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Back-In-Time: Unleash the power of Time Machine
Restore Time Machine data: Time Machine is a great basic backup tool. But the options for locating and restoring data are quite limited. Back-In-Time gives you total flexibility in discovering and recovering your data to any location on your Mac. See more...


CheckUpdates: Applications always updated with the latest version
What's more annoying than having to do an update just when we need to use a software. Anticipate with CheckUpdates 2. It regularly reviews the information on the web and notify you when the release of new versions of applications are available. See more...


Clone X: Create bootable and disk copies
Make a copy of your disk: You need Clone X to make a bootable copy of your startup disk, as well as if you want to change your hard disk. Clone X will create a perfect bootable copy of your startup disk, or of any of your other disks. Clone X automatically handle all settings needed for a correct bootable copy. See more...


GrandReporter: Survey the information on the web
GrandReporter lets you automate searches over the internet. Create your queries, and it will scan for new web information periodically. As soon as a new page on one of your subjects is detected on the Internet, you will be warned, and you can view and classify it, and save interesting pages in bookmarks. See more...


Space-In-Time is designed to analyze the space occupied by data on your disks and how it evolves over time, alerting you when the size of a disk or folder exceeds specified thresholds. Space-In-Time gives a projection into the future of the space that will be occupied by a disk or a particular folder. See more...


Sudoku Coach
Sudoku Coach was created to solve Sudoku grids with a logical approach similar to that of human players. The software start from the grid of your choice (enter a grid or a random grid) and analysis shows the grid and techniques used to arrive at the solution, step by step. See more...


Tap twice the Command key (or the shortcut of your choice) to access any of your applications, any of the folders or files you have selected, the bookmarks of your browser or the entries of your address book, or even the personal notes you've created, or the information protected by a password. See more...


TrashMagic: Add an undo function to the Trash
Protecting the Trash: When you empty the Trash, its whole contents is lost for ever. Install TrashMagic, and you'll be able to recover your data lost after an error, or files that you deleted but that you now need again. Even days or weeks after, you'll be able to recover your data. See more...


Tri-BACKUP: Powerful backup software for Mac. Your data is irreplaceable... Backup them!
Tri-BACKUP protect your important data: Backup your files and disks, Preserves each of the successive versions of your documents, Automatically run your backup. Tri-BACKUP automatically backups data as well as entire disks. Just create the programmed actions you desire, and let Tri-BACKUP do the work. See more...


Tri-CATALOG: Catalog and share your pictures and volumes.
If you spend too much time to find a picture or a file on your hard disk or your CDs, just let Tri-CATALOG analyze them once, and you'll recover them in a wink. Tri-CATALOG was build to save a list of the contents of your folders, local and remote disks, CDs, DVDs, etc., in its data base so that you can relocate them very quickly and easily. See more...

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