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TRI-EDRE introduces Tri-BACKUP 8


Tri-BACKUP is a powerful and easy backup utility for Mac OS X, offering two different modes: "Immediate Actions" (to perform easy and immediate backups, synchronizations, and restorations, and verify and choose what will be modified) and "Programmed actions" (to schedule automatic backups and synchronizations).

Tri-BACKUP provides all necessary tools to efficiently manage your backup. For more information, click here.

To download Tri-BACKUP, goto the Download page. A free demo version, giving you access to all features, but time limited, is also available.

License: A single user license (serial number for one user) can be used on two machines. There are also 5 and 10-users licenses, and more if necessary.

Versions History

Version 8.0.4

- Added alert when programmed actions are scheduled and active and the execution is paused or disabled.
- Enhanced detection and cleaning of older or multiple installations of Tri-BACKUP on the same computer.
- When executing a group of programmed actions, actions are added in the queue sorted as in the main window programmed actions list.
- Added sort modes (by ID and unsorted) in the list of programmed actions.
- Added an option in the Scheduler Preferences to display an alert in case of manual interruption of a programmed action (and when re-executing this action).
- Added a shortcut option in Scheduler Preferences to bring to front all Tri-BACKUP windows.
- Various minor enhancements and interface changes.

- Various minor corrections.

Version 8.0.3

- Added a delay before executing programmed actions launched manually when the Scheduler is not yet launched.
- Added an option to display main buttons with black titles.
- Various minor enhancements and interface changes.

- Various minor corrections.

Version 8.0.2

- Added an option to display a "CAUTION ! Action in progress" message to alert that a programmed action is being executed.
- Added a Verify function (in File menu) in the Immediate action to check the access and permissions of all the folders hierarchy in source and destination (for the selected item).
- In the "Last Actions" panel, items and errors can be revealed in Finder or displayed in an immediate action.
- The Scheduler icon (in the menu bar) can be changed in the Preferences.
- Enhanced progress display.
- Enhanced notifications.
- Various minor enhancements and interface changes.

- Various minor corrections.

Version 8.0.1

- Various minor enhancements and interface changes.

- Fixed an error when displaying the date of next execution in specific cases (can display "Never" instead of the date and time).
- Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the editor for an existing programmed action.
- Various minor corrections.

Version 8.0.0

Initial version of Tri-BACKUP 8.

What is new in Tri-BACKUP 8?

Version 8 is a brand new version of Tri-BACKUP for Mac OS X 10.6 or more.

New features:

- New option to create a bootable copy with a minimal System.
- New features to duplicate the partitions scheme to a new disk (to create a similar disk with all same partitions, including hidden System partitions).
- New features to copy the contents of hidden System partitions.
- New features to create a Recovery HD partition.
- New scheduler options.
- New compare size action.
- New GoTo menu.
- New languages filter.

- Faster: speed increased for updating existing backups.
- Now uses UUID (Unique Volume Identifier) to detect the volumes (in addition with date and size).
- New scheduler features: Added Every hour + xx minutes (0:30 or 0:15).
- New scheduler features: Added a time limitation, to only backup between given hours.
- New "Compare Folders Sizes" immediate action to quickly detect the sizes and the differences.
- New GoTo menu to access the contents of the mounted disks, including invisible folders (user's Library, etc.).
- New filter to exclude languages from localization resources (in applications, etc.).
- New filters to help finding actions in Programmed actions panel, and last actions panel.
- New graphical display of latest executions of an action.
- New tool to duplicate the partitions scheme.
- New tool to copy the contents of hidden System partitions.
- New tool to create a Recovery HD partition.
- New option in Bootable Copy action to create a minimal System.
- Added preview features to see what will be the operations of a programmed action.
- Many new options to better monitor and control your Mac and your backups.
- Many enhancements.
- More controls and information in the Scheduler menu.
- etc.

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